Getting Started Part I

In order to use Adhearsion, first we must install it. I’m using Linux, and it is the same on other Unixes.
In order to do that, we shell use Ruby Gems (I recommend Ruby v2 or later):

$ gem install bundler adhearsion

Bundler helps ahn to manage it’s requirements, and adhearsion, is the actual framework.
When running the command, it will install both bundler and ahn with it’s dependencies.

Now we can use the “ahn” command to work with adhearsion. Running the command bare without any options, will provide a help screen: Continue reading

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Hello Adhearsion

Adhearsion is a Ruby based framework that makes development of telephony applications easy.

The project aims to provide simple to use API for all supported PBX, so if you are using either Asterisk or Freeswitch, your Ahn (acronym of some sort for Adhearsion) code will remain as-is, and only your settings for PBX connection will changed (Hopefully).

On this blog, I’ll write some howto, tips and tricks on using Ahn, so stay tuned 🙂

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